Profile of the Mayor

Ms. Mpolokeng Mahase is the Mayor of Naledi Local Municipality. Mahase was born on 27 April 1983 in Wepener. Orphaned at a very young age, she is the elders of five siblings. She hails from a working class background which made her take a keen interest in politics at a young age. Growing up in Wepener, she became accustomed to the daily challenges facing the community at large and young people in particular. Probably the youngest Mayor in the province and the country, the development of her community takes centre stage in her life.

Her commitment to the development of her community saw her joining outreach programmes to help the poor and the vulnerable by providing food parcels and assisting those who qualify for social grants to apply for them. She was part of the team that was responsible for organising ANCWL structures in Wepener and recruited many young people to the ANC and the ANCYL. Prior to her election to the position of Mayor, she was a councillor responsible for infrastructure and also represented the Naledi Local Municipality in the Motheo district council.