Economic Profile


The Naledi Local Municipality is a largely rural community with almost a third of its land used for farming cattle, sheep and grain. Agriculture is therefore one of the main economic sectors, together with construction; community, social and personal services; and wholesale and retail trade services. Tourism and manufacturing are two sectors that the municipality would like to explore further as these exhibit great potential for growth even though they are relatively untapped at present.

Municipal Competitive Advantage

The Caledon River runs through the town of Wepener and is a rich source of sand that is mined presently for construction purposes. This sand is deemed to be of such a high quality however that it has the potential to be used for other purposes, for example, the manufacture of ceramic tiles and glass. Such expansion will require large investment into the necessary infrastructure and the development of the necessary factories, but the potential has been shown to be there. Not only will such expansion benefit the local economy through direct investment, it will also create employment for the local people. This can only benefit the predominantly rural communities of the municipality.

Local Economic Development Strategies

Local Economic Development strategies and initiatives identified by the municipality as priority areas to be addressed include;

  • Review of the Local Economic Development strategy
  • Establishment and support of cooperatives
  • LED /  business support and capacity building
  • Establishment of LED forum for each town
  • LED Forum for Naledi Local Municipality constituted by town forums
  • Development of 8 farms in Naledi district
  • Establishment of goat dairy farming in Vanstadensrus
  • Piggery housing for breeding purposes.