The management of the Naledi Local Municipality is led by the Municipal Manager as the accounting officer. The Accounting Officer is supported by a senior management team.

Office of the Municipal Manager

The municipal manager’s key performance areas include:

  • Basic Service Delivery
  • Local Economic Development
  • Municipal Financial Viability
  • Municipal Transformation
  • Good Governance and Public Participation

As accounting officer, the Municipal Manager is responsible for:

  • The general financial administration of the Municipality
  • Asset and liability management
  • Revenue and expenditure management
  • Budget preparation and implementation
  • Compliance and oversight reporting to Executive Mayor, Council and provincial and national government

The office of the Accounting Officer is directly responsible for:

  • Integrated Development Planning;
  • Local Economic Development;
  • Performance Management;
  • Internal Audit, Shared Services Support; and
  • Intergovernmental Relations

The Office of the Municipal Manager provides the momentum of the administration and integrates all the disparate components of the Municipality.

Financial Services

  • Manage Income Services
  • Manage Expenditure Services
  • Manage Budget and Asset
  • Management Services
  • Manage Supply Chain Management Services

Corporate Services and Social Development

The key performance areas of Corporate Services and Social Development include:

  • Municipal Institutional Development and Transformation
  • Basic Service Delivery and Infrastructure Investment
  • Local Economic Development

Technical Services

The Department of Technical Services is responsible and accountable for the following functions:

  • Potable water
  • Sanitation (sewage)
  • Corporate fleet management services, including mechanical workshops
  • Roads and storm water management
  • Maintenance of municipal buildings and facilities